Saturday, July 26, 2003

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Monday, July 21, 2003

Welcome to the Petroleum Institute Summer Orientation Program Afternoon Labs 1 to 2 p.m.

Your teachers are Vance Stevens and Tom Le Seelleur

Here is the schedule for these labs:

Tuesday July 22 -

Let's check your English and computer skills

- MS Word: Write a brief self-introduction and save it to Student-101 (H: drive) in the correct ORIENTATION folder

Make a web page and put it where anyone can see it on the Internet. Here's how:
Start a BLOG at http://www.blogger.com with a Username that will appear in the URL

Once you've created your Blog, you can POST to it.
- Paste your introduction to your blog space
- Make your blog look nice
- Find your blog at http://username.blogspot.com (where username is the name you gave your blog).

The following Blogs were created according to the steps given below:

Section C

Saeed Ateeq M.D. Al Shamsi - 1sae7
Saoud Abdul Aziz Y. Al Hammadi - alhammadi4
AbdulAziz Naser S. Al Maskari - almensoori
Saeed Mohd. K. K. Al Sabousi - sss2000
Ahmed Saeed A. G. Al Hameli - lonlyguy
Ahmed Salem M. R. Al Zaabi - asmz85
Mohammed Ali S. S. Al Shamsi - goodboy2

Section D

Ali Mohamed S. A. Yammahi - al-hseen
Jasem Yousef O. H. Al Neaimi - jasem999
Manea Naser A. O. Al Qaydi - manea
Sultan Ibrahim A. A. Bani Shemaili - alsultan
Ahmed Helal A. M. Dhanhani - adboosss
Tariq Ahmed F. S. Al Hameli - tareq
Mohamed Obaid K. Al Marzouqi - mok2pac

How you create a blog:

First, sign up for a Blogger account
- Visit http://www.blogger.com and click on Start Now
- Create an account - REMEMBER your Username and Password

- Your Username can't have spaces, but letters and numbers are good
- Any email address, even a fake one is ok, but a real one will help with recovering passwords
- Make sure Caps Lock is OFF and key in Password. Verify or Confirm means key it in again.

Now create your first blog
- At the Blogger New screen, find Create a New Blog (may have to scroll down) and click it
- Make up a SHORT title and longer description (this is like a letterhead for your blog)
- Just click NEXT to host it at Blogger.com
- Find a template you like, click USE THIS and then click NEXT
- Create a New Blog (Step 3 of 4) shows the URL for your blog
(I advise you to give your Username for your first blog)

After your Blog is created you can POST to it
- Write something in the blank space
- Click Preview Your Post
- Click Publish Your Post

When your Blog is published successfully
- Open it in a NEW window
- Make note of its URL
- Keep the new window open and REFRESH it as you work on your blog
- Use MANAGE POSTS to work on old postings
- Use EDIT to change any old posting
- Use CREATE NEW POST to start a new topic

Saturday July 26 -

This plan may change, depending on how Eldon and Michael exploit the work accomplished above - Vance (July 22)

Let's research a topic and prepare an annotated hotlist

- Select something from your blog that you are particularly interested in
- Use MS Word to write a brief essay on that topic
- Use Google or another search engine to find more information on that topic
- Copy the links to your essay and next to each link write a TITLE for it (what the link is about) and a DESCRIPTION (what kind of information the link gives us about the topic you are writing about).

Sunday July 27 -

Let's put the hotlist on the web and link it to our blogs

- Visit Filamentality at http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil/
- Create a web site and paste into it the information from your essay from Saturday
- Keep clicking HOTLIST until you create a URL that you can visit, and link it from your blog
- Develop your blog and hotlist so that the two communicate together

Monday July 28 -

Let's wrap up ...

- Add images to the site?
- Develop the site in what way? Ideas?
- Find another topic, research it, add a second hotlist?
- Write about what you've learned at the PI and make a conclusion to your blog, which you can show your friends and re-visit months and maybe even years from now
When done ...
- Tense Buster or Mind Game: find the level that is right for you

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